From Infoworld:

Despite noting the significance of the product's upcoming release, analysts believe Microsoft has some catching up to do. Market incumbent IBM has been selling Lotus Sametime -- recently renamed Lotus Instant Messaging and Conferencing -- for approximately five years.  ...
Still, IBM's product has "four distinct advantages" over Microsoft's, according to Mahowald. Sametime has a lower overall price, includes Web conferencing, has no need for an additional server, and offers modular configuration, [IDC analyst Robert] Mahowald said.
One quote that I didn't particularly like was
But with Office on nearly every business user's PC, Microsoft has a considerable market advantage, said Maurene Caplan Grey, research director at Gartner.  "What Live Communications Server has that nobody else has ... is integration with Office and SharePoint," Caplan Grey said.
Hey Carl, have you met with Gartner?

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