Computerworld has published a two-part interview with Microsoft Group VP Jim Allchin.  The questions are about Longhorn, Windows service packs, viruses and security.  The answers, well:

  • "It is very early, and we have a general plan that we're working to, which I'll explain at a philosophical level"
  • "It's still a long time off, and it's just too early."
  • "And that's about as much as I'll say right now. "
  • "If we don't change our mind. ... There are many things that can help drive that."
  • "We can always change our mind, but"
  • "It's all in a question of definitions, which I try to really caution people about."
  • "Stay tuned. "
  • "It's not some hard-and-fast thing."
  • "I don't want to get it locked down to a particular path, because something may come up."
  • "It's all a question of probabilities. That's our target. But there's a probability it may make it, it may not. ... The truth is, these are targets. ..."
  • " But no one should be right now locking onto this. Let's see how the developers like it. Let's see how the Beta 1 goes. "
  • "We'll do right by our customers. "
  • "We don't know enough to say anything more right now. I mean, I don't know the date."
  • "I think I've concluded that we have to take a different tack than what we've been taking. I have nothing to report now, but you can stay tuned"
  • "All software has problems."
  • "It's occupied a lot of time, and we take it very, very seriously. "
  • "There's lots of different answers to that. ..."
  • "how it gets moved into the market, I don't know. "
  • "it's not an easy question. "
  • "There's just a lot of opportunity if we can get this nailed. "
  • "I just feel really bad personally about this worm. I wasn't impacted."

Two reactions:
1) I don't miss Paul Flessner all that much
2) Do customers really put faith, credibility, and respect in these kinds of answers from their supplier?

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