A couple of you have asked me how the trip to Detroit went, anyway.  Sorry, I should have blogged about it sooner, though you could read other opinions.
I had a really good customer meeting on Tuesday, which inspired my most recent lotus.com blog entry.  Wednesday's user group meeting was very, very good.  I presented on Lotus Workplace (strategy-level), Notes/Domino 6.5 + other 2003 updates, and a MS competitive update (my "boss loves Microsoft, where does that leave Lotus" presentation).  There were about 50 people, from some very big Lotus customers, some excellent partners, and some new faces/names as well.
Some tough questions, of course.  I'm working on getting answers for them.  The Workplace team has started an FAQ on lotus.com for some of these types of questions.  We're taking some risk by posting questions that don't yet have public answers, but we do want to acknowledge that some questions are very typical in these discussions.
I asked the group three times about their level of confusion around Workplace.  First time I asked, there were a lot of hands acknowledging confusion.  Second time, a lot less hands.  Third time, no hands.  So the good news is, the story makes sense...the thing that needs to happen still is to simplify it.
One question I didn't ask -- doh -- was how many had upgraded to Notes/Domino 6.  I did get a bunch of good feedback about the 6.5 feature-set, which leads me to believe that a lot of that was new to the group.  Hopefully the ship activities around this release in September will help get the good word out.

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