I don't think it can get any clearer than this:

The current road map calls for the Lotus Notes 7 client and Domino 7 Server to ship next year with tighter integration with the company's new Workplace technologies. Beyond that, "there will be a Domino 8, 9, 10," said Ken Bisconti, vice president of Lotus and portal products.
The story has what I believe is an inaccurate portrayal of previous IBM Lotus announcements:
years ago the company signaled a move away from the venerable Notes Storage Facility (NSF) to a relational DB2 store that caused many to question Domino's long-term viability. Since then the vendor has retrenched and will continue to offer a choice of stores with Domino.
It was never the case that Domino would run exclusively on DB2, and the January '02 CRN article which is linked within that quote doesn't say anything about DB2 at all.  Anyway,the point is the right one -- that in Domino 7, DB2 will be an optional alternative to the NSF data store. And the possible error is minor in the context of so much good news.
There's some new news in various places in this story:
The company will also continue to offer quarterly incremental upgrades, most of which will be patches but sometimes will add more functionality. The new Notes 6.5.3 update, for example, will integrate presence with calendaring and scheduling.
This feature is also in the Notes 7 beta.  Basically it means that awareness has been enabled within the calendaring side of the Notes mail template in 6.5.3.
Here's another bit of good news -- understanding that Workplace must evolve for multiple markets:
Before IBM Lotus can offer a Workplace Express version for small and midsize businesses, for example, the software will have to fit into a rather limited footprint, sources said.
And last, a quote directly relevant to a conversation I was having with one of you earlier today:
From the road map and demonstrations, it seems clear that IBM Lotus is working to meld Workplace and Notes/Domino functionality first at the glass, and then move to meld the disparate server technologies under the covers.
Good stuff, thanks to Duffbert for alerting me to this one before the IBM Communications team had done so....
Link: CRN: IBM Lotus pledges Workplace integration for new version of Domino >

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