This whole "Longhorn" replan isn't really a major focus of mine -- as I said last week, I tend to wait until a Microsoft product is close to shipping or has shipped before thinking about its features.  I have been reading the other blogs about it, though.  Thus, this quote from Jupiter Research's David Card really got my attention, and made me chuckle:

I'll defer the Longhorn heavy-lifting to my colleagues. But I can't pass this up:
"Our scheduling and predictability on this project has been better than it was on OS/360."
- Bill Gates, August 2004


The best BillG can come up with is a comparison with an IBM operating system project from 1964??!!! And it's a bad comparison. ...
You'd think Microsoft had learned a little about OS project management in the forty years since IBM invented the practice.
(via Network World Compendium)

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