The Inbox East 2004 weblog has good news about the content plans for their November conference in Atlanta:

...we're introducing a similar "Lotus Notes Experience" including a day workshop and exhibits on the show floor. This is in conjunction with the good Penton e-Pro magazine folks. Our goal with these incremental features is to enable messaging professionals with Notes or Exchange systems to drill into the details and specifics of those systems. We're continuing to execute on the "everything messaging and collaboration under one roof" mantra for the event.
Glad to see that idea worked out.  
This makes for interesting travel plans -- I am the keynote speaker at SNUG, the Lotus User Group in the Netherlands, on November 17.  Somehow, I've allowed Mr. Martin Hall to convince me that it would be an enjoyable experience to fly back to the States the evening of the 17th, and then catch the first flight down to Atlanta on the morning of the 18th in order to be at Inbox on the 18th and 19th.  I'm still trying to figure out how to best do that.  
I'm sure that logistical challenge will be worth it -- though I'm still wondering if they've heard anything about this session idea.  I'm much more partial to another idea that Mr. Hall and I have discussed, but I'll leave it to him to decide whether this is going to be a conference or a boxing match ;)

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