CRN has a couple of interesting stories that just went up.... I'll blog about 'em one at a time.
First story is about the launch of MS Office Live Meeting. It says

It will enable meetings with between two and 2,500 participants and allow co-workers and partners to exchange ideas, share information, mark up files and collaborate with whiteboards, Microsoft said.
Which must explain why the Microsoft iSeminar I attended earlier today was delivered via Interwise. (Before anyone throws any stones, I know that IBM doesn't use Lotus Web Conferencing nee Sametime for this purpose, either....but Sametime is really optimized around real-time meetings and isn't designed for archiving and playback. This might be Microsoft's excuse as well.)
The story also has this zinger:
"Web conferencing is a service, and I know many people who don't use the words 'Microsoft' and 'service' in the same sentence favorably," said Andy Nilssen, a senior analyst and partner at Wainhouse Research
There's this one, too:
Lotus, for its part, points out that Microsoft's offering is a hosted-only offering and that its own Lotus Web conferencing server gives companies more flexibility to set up their conferencing capabilities in-house.

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