Remember last week's momentary posting of a book on about migrating Notes applications to .NET?  Well, on the assumption that the book lives on, in more discreet distribution channels, Tom Duff has written a detailed article for e-Pro examining the Microsoft book.  Duff takes specific quotes from the book and examines them with a critical eye, and finds that the story isn't so simple as the 150+ page book would lead the reader to believe.
Full disclosure -- Tom asked me to review a draft of his article prior to publication. The final version has some interesting, well-researched points that I didn't see in that draft, such as:

I'd feel more confident of Microsoft's migration strategy if there were more actual case studies of business successfully implementing this type of change. A highly visible conversion effort is underway at Accenture. This conversion is being managed by a group called Avanade, which is a joint venture between Accenture and Microsoft. Material on Avanade's Web site states that Accenture's application portfolio has been trimmed from 16,000 to 7000 applications. It could be assumed that these are the category 1, 2, and 3 applications that Microsoft converts using this approach. If you assume a three-year conversion period for those remaining applications (2004, 2005, and 2006), you'd have to convert 45 applications a week. You can continue to extrapolate the numbers from there to figure the number of people you'd need to meet this schedule. It appears that their solution to this is to offshore the process to India where you can add lower cost labor to the project and use a higher number of programmers. If that occurs, where do the offshore programmers get the business knowledge inherent in the applications?
Any way you look at it, a migration of applications from Notes to .NET is not an easy endeavor and will cost your organization a lot in terms of money, time, effort, and lost opportunity cost when resources are not available for new projects to improve the business.
And with a long life ahead for Notes/Domino, what would be the impetus, anyway?
Link: e-Pro: Converting from Notes to .NET, according to Microsoft >

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