From the byline, it appears that this is an article Ed Scannell wrote for Infoworld (US) based on a briefing held last week...for some reason, it has appeared in ARNet Australia before it has in Infoworld.  Note that the date is in international notation, i.e. 7 September, 2004.

Lotus executives last week offered reassurance to corporate users that they remain firmly committed to the future of Notes client and Domino server products, despite persistent rumors that IBM's Workplace collaboration technology might largely replace them.
In fact, over the next few releases of Notes and Domino, Lotus will strengthen the links between Notes/Domino and Workplace collaboration technologies by embedding a range of Workplace components such as instant messaging into the Notes client. Over time, the two products will also share common mail portlets, including significantly improved mobile support.
Link: ARNet: Lotus links Notes and Workplace > (thanks Sim' and Matt)

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