Microsoft is using an interesting approach to launch Office Live Meeting (nee Placeware) next week.  According to the launch page, Group VP Anoop Gupta will "conduct a true cross-country crusade"  to declare the end of unnecessary business travel.  Not a bad approach, though probably not as convincing as the IBM stats around how many millions of dollars IBM saves each month by using Lotus web conferencing.
Anyway, he's going to start the morning in Boston, do lunch in Chicago, and hit San Francisco at 7 PM.  Each of the three stops will be webcast on MS's site (at least that is what it looks like, there is no place to sign up for a live, in-person event).
I'll write a US$25 check to the first person who can find out, with a confirmable source, if Gupta is flying commercial flights.  My bet is that he's not exactly being a "road warrior," and instead is flying the MS company jet.

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