Hey dad, it still works

September 13 2004

I was recently scavenging through my old stuff at my mom's house, and came across this blast from the past.  Yes, my first electronic game... the classic Coleco Electronic Quarterback.  It's amazing how engaging a bunch of LEDs with almost no intelligence can be.  I powered it up yesterday for the first time in what was likely 20 years... resulting in a final score of 91 to 73.
This little game was also responsible for my first ever press interview -- I was playing it in a hospital waiting room in Chicago, and a stringer for the Los Angeles Times happened to be there as well (how random).  Since this was one of the first hand-held games, the Times story was a big deal -- and my dad and I ended up on page one of the LA Times.  It's been all downhill since then :)

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