"As soon as the Lotus Notes system was rolled out to the users, they could instantly see the benefits"

Ah, music to my ears.  Actually, this story is a textbook example of why an organisation with multiple mail systems will see major benefits by consolidating on a single system.  Wish I had this for the customer meeting I did last Friday.
The Microsoft Exchange users were fairly content with their e-mail system. The company, however, was disenchanted with the costly and complicated pricing and licensing structure, poor security and poor performance. With Microsoft, First Choice faced successive migrations to newer versions of the software, as well as the then-impending end of mainstream support for the Exchange 5.5 version it was using. Exchange users also suffered from the ill effects of weak security: worms and viruses that rendered their systems virtually useless.
Link: ibm.com: First Choice Holidays standardizes messaging and prepares for collaboration >

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