"Outlook" look and feel

September 13 2003

One of OpenNTF.Org's first projects was "Lookout Express", which applied a copycat user interface that looked like Microsoft Outlook Express to the Lotus Notes mail template.
Great demoware, and I've talked about it in some of my competitive presentations over the last 18 months.  However it seems to me that all it ever really has been is demoware.  Maybe that's because it did mail only (not calendaring), or because it sort of fizzled as an OpenNTF project, or because of copyright concerns...you tell me.
Anyway, I was thinking about it today because someone asked me about it.  The question is, does having an Outlook "skin" for Notes mail have practical value?  There are already two Outlook-to-Domino connector solutions, one shipped by Lotus and the other by Microsoft.  The Lotus implementation has been substantially improved in 6.0.2. Today, customers that want to use Outlook on Domino can do so.
Are there, instead, customers that want to use Notes on Domino, but (especially in a migration) want to maintain an Outlook-like look-and-feel for their users?  Is it about the actual product itself (deployment as part of Office, perceived or real integration across the Office suite) or is it a cosmetics issue (usability and training)?

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