Julian R 's latest blog entry is titled "Acknowledging our existence".  He muses about the place weblogs have as a source of genuine news, or "buzz", to mainstream reporters.

...because I've read things before that indicate some reluctance by "members of the press" to admit that blogs (or "weblogs", if you hate the name that much) even exist, or that they might have some usefulness beyond mere idle chatter.
Well, I hope we've moved beyond "idle chatter", but weblogging as a source of real news is still an emerging area.  My contribution to the experiment continues to be www.lotus.com/weblog.  Some Lotus news has only appeared there and nowhere else, and has indeed been picked up by the press.  So someone is watching.
I added some other thoughts on Julian's site...surf on over and add your 2 cents as well.

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