Couple of follow-up topics

September 16 2003

Couple of quick follow-ups:

  • Thursday's posting regarding the Microsoft's Office Live launch "stunt" -- well, it was impossible to tell where Mr. Gupta actually was for these broadcasts.  The pictures in the webcast surely were "canned" -- the Boston shot of Fenway Park was not a 7 AM view (it looked like a game was in progress), the picture on the "L" platform in Chicago had gray skies (it was mostly sunny here yesterday), and the sun was still bright at 7 AM PDT in San Francisco.  Barry Briggs says I owe him $25 anyway, since he points out that Microsoft doesn't actually own a company jet.  You mean it wasn't part of your signing bonus, Barry?
  • Friday's posting regarding the CRN "review" of Windows SharePoint Services vs. Lotus Team Workplace vs. Groove -- Hugh Pyle has some thoughts about the "feature graveyard".
    I may be wrong, but OS-bundled collaborative offerings have been tried before, and not stuck. They're in the feature graveyard: probably functional, possibly supported, unused.
    Hugh, you are absolutely right!  I remember when the embedded discussions feature appeared in Office 2000 -- we at Lotus rushed to figure out a way to implement such a feature using a Notes discussion on the back-end.  In fact, then-product manager Paul Clark demonstrated such a feature at Lotusphere, seeking feedback on whether Lotus should do it.  Not a single customer said "yes", so it was dropped like a lead balloon.  With no regrets.  Which is how I feel about a bunch of the collaboration stuff being shown in Microsoft Office 2003 System -- great demoware, but will anyone ever actually use it?

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