One journalist's frustrations with e-mail clients summarized.

Outlook was my last stop--I started using it about three months ago.

I'd postponed using Outlook for security reasons. Outlook has historically been a major carrier of viruses. Sure, you can secure Outlook by taking some simple measures, but you can make security even easier by just avoiding Outlook entirely.

But by then I was desperate, so I gave Outlook a try.

At first, I loved it. I liked the multiple ways of viewing messages. You can view messages in chronological order, by thread, or in a variety of other ways. Also, I liked the integration of calendar, address book, and e-mail; I no longer had to maintain two address books, one for e-mail and one for other forms of communication. And I loved that I could synch the whole package with my PalmPilot.
But Outlook isn't stable. Sometimes it just, well, stops. It hangs for no apparent reason. As it has been hanging for the entire time I've been writing this column. And that's unacceptable.
Further in the column, Wagner comments on service providers -- leading me to believe that he's a POP/IMAP-type of user rather than a corporate messaging server-type of user, and thus, not as likely to use Lotus Notes.  The question is, would he think it "suck[s] less"?
Link: Messaging Pipeline: In Wagner's opinion, all Windows e-mail clients suck >

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