Amy Blumenfeld makes her debut on this group blog with a "spoiled" Domino person's first-blush look at SharePoint:

As I sat through Sharepoint classes and started to play with the server more, it has become clear to me:  Notes/Domino has spoiled me in many ways.   We in the Notes/Domino world have a way of looking at communication and collaboration that people who have not worked with Notes are just beginning to learn - Sharepoint is designed to store information in a single location rather than distributed, which introduces issues related to redundancy (my instructor recommended clustering), network traffic and my personal favorite, inter-country personality/language issues (alright, that might not be a technical problem, but it comes up fairly frequently, at least on the large worldwide implementations I've been involved in). The paradigm of database design in Notes/Domino has spoiled me - in Sharepoint, once you select a design (template) for your site, you cannot change it to a different template - you must delete the site and start again.
Link: 3C-InterOp: Adventures in SharePoint >

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