Inside dumb marketing tricks

September 17 2003

Similar blog entries from Andrew Pollack and Chris Miller IDoNotes, talking about a (insert adjective here) marketing approach taken by a Lotus ISV who makes anti-spam software.  This firm's president has been sort of publishing a site that claims to be about Notes/Domino news, and drew my ire once before with a poor-taste April Fool's Day joke.  This latest stunt really takes the cake.  The "editor" of the news site just so happens to be the president of the Lotus ISV, so maybe it shouldn't surprise anyone that the news site recently awarded an "Editor's Choice" to the ISV's anti-spam software.
Having been a judge over the years for legitimate Notes/Domino awards such as the Lotus Beacon Awards (now Lotus Awards) and e-Pro Magazine's Apex Awards, I'm somewhat offended at this shameless marketing tactic.  There are a lot of good, hard-working IBM business partners that deserve as many legitimate opportunities as possible to showcase their work.  It only takes one bad apple to spoil the bunch; I am hopeful that the industry and Lotus customers will dismiss this vain attempt at vanity, and not let it impact their opinions of the other awards.

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