John Aylmer, he who originated the developerWorks thread referenced the other day, contacted me via e-mail.
As you'll recall, while on my soapbox, I requested that those who experience a problem such as that described consider opening incidents with IBM Lotus technical support.  
The reason I ranted in the first place was that one business partner (not John) claimed elsewhere that two of his customers were experiencing this problem, yet neither had opened an incident (and still haven't to my knowledge....sigh).  In John's e-mail, which I quote with his permission, he offered thoughts on why not:

My post to the IBM R6 forum is the first and I can see the potential of further involvement.  It is the first and only Notes issue that I have not been able to resolve myself. ....
I am involved with a number of organisations that use Lotus Notes.  There are about 2,000 seats all up  across a seven communities and not one of them has current maintenance. ...
[G]iven the technical success of Lotus software and the lesser skills now required to administer/develop it, the need for IBM support these days is minimal so communities will try to take a short cut here.  I don't know the scope of this issue, my view is likely distorted but is the current model working?  Is IBM to "blame" for Administrators who have their hands tied and cannot submit incidents despite their personal willingness.
I guess I'm not particularly surprised that for some customers, the discussions on LDD, along with the published technotes, are their only means of obtaining product support.  But remember, what triggered the rant in the first place was a partner who asserted that his customers were waiting for a fix to a problem that they have not reported.  
This is a tough one -- while I am sympathetic to these customers who are having problems, I go back to the original point.  The software vendor can't assist with or fix problems that aren't reported...if indeed it is the software is the problem.

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