Day two...

Outlook seems to derive a cruel pleasure in hitting us with the "Your mailbox is over its size limit" error just when we're sending the most important e-mail of the day. All too often, we have had to scramble to delete messages, sometimes even trashing mission-critical e-mail in the process. And even if you have no e-mail administrator, Outlook can become unstable if your Inbox grows too big for its britches.
Certainly, mailbox quotas are a fact of life in most any organization.  However, one major difference between Outlook/Exchange and Notes/Domino is that the typical Notes/Domino environment deploys larger mailboxes to begin with.  Why?  Because Domino uses a single mailbox-per-database architecture.  Typically this means that the impact of problems is a lot narrower -- one person affected by any database issue, not hundreds.  The single instance store in Exchange is a huge single file, taking a long time to backup -- and recover, in case of a problem.
I've met Exchange shops that -- not kidding -- implement 20 MB mailbox quotas.  50-100 MB seems to be the norm for Exchange.  The typical Domino shop?  Larger, or in a lot of cases, unlimited.
Outlook also doesn't help today's issue with some of its behaviors.  Outlook lacks a "reply without attachments" capability.  PST files aren't "replicatable" with the Exchange server, meaning that Outlook archives are typically managed on a per-user basis.  And one of the CNET proposed solutions, like yesterday, is an add-in -- today's costing $30 a user!
Link: CNET: Outloook horror stories: The incredible shrinking inbox >
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