InternetWeek editor Mitch Wagner is talking about Notes 6.5 on his blog today:

Lotus Development released a Notes/Domino upgrade, integrating instant messaging into the e-mail and collaboration components. Lotus/Domino 6.5 will enhance the inbox to display "presence-awareness" icons next to the names of e-mail senders, providing a quick indication of their online status.

If you can look around you right now and see everyone in your workgroup, you're not going to think this Lotus upgrade is any big deal.

But if you use instant messaging, and you work with people outside of convenient walking distance from your desk -- whether those people are on another floor or in another time zone -- you're going to read about the announcement and say, "Holy cow! What a great idea!" (You may even use stronger language than "holy cow," such as "shucks!" and "oh boy!")

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