Oops, almost forgot to examine the next two chapters....
Day 3: The "two-headed monster":

Keeping two machines on the same page with Outlook is a tough job.
Again CNET is forced to recommend third-party products for basic functionality.  What a great thing that Notes uses the very same NSF architecture for the server database, the client database, and archive files-- and can replicate among multiple copies flawlessly.
Day 4: Spam overload:
I've turned on Outlook's spam filter and set it to High, yet the junk just keeps coming. Make it stop!
This is where Outlook's dual life as both business and consumer-oriented product gets a little blurry.  Lotus's attitude has always been that spam protection is something that belongs at the boundary or the server.  Microsoft seems to be coming along on that thought with IMF for Exchange and other approaches.  So I'm going to give Outlook a pass on this one.  Which is OK, because we still have Friday to beat up on it :)

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