"Outlook is a virus magnet! Seems like I can never watch the news or pick up the paper without a story about yet another killer virus targeting Outlook.
A wee bit of contrast here.  Fifteen years in market, and Lotus Notes has never been the conduit for a virus attack.  Features like the execution control list protect Notes workstations from letting suspicious e-mails do nasty things.
Now, I've been in discussions where people say, "yeah, well, the virus writers don't target Notes because it's a small market and not as accessible."  First, Notes has been the market leader in corporate messaging or integrated collaboration for years.  Second, Notes has been around for fifteen years.  Third, the trial edition freely downloadable from the IBM website.  The facts are irrefutable -- Notes administrators have never had to deal with a virus designed to exploit Notes and repropogate through the Notes world.  But stories about how much downtime has been caused by Outlook viruses over the years.  I'll credit Microsoft for having done a lot to close the exploit points over the years, but obviously if this made CNET's top five, there's still room for improvement.
Link: CNET Outlook horror stories: The Outlook hot zone >

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