Inbox 2004 East is scheduled for November 17-19, 2004, in Atlanta, GA USA.  As with the inaugural Inbox conference this past June, the event is shaping up to be quite interesting, with a number of insightful sessions, panels, and workshops.
Conference organizers contacted IBM Lotus about participating in the conference several weeks ago.  The answer was an unhesitating "of course".  You can see the agenda on the Inbox site; I, or other representatives of IBM Lotus, will be part of several sessions, including the Notes/Domino workshop (of course) and a panel that is part of Stowe Boyd's Real Time Collaboration workshop.
One of the other sessions I agreed to participate in doesn't yet appear on the agenda.  The Inbox team asked if I would be willing to participate in a messaging platform/vision "debate" with my respected industry peers from Microsoft Corporation.  It has been years since this type of session has occurred -- each vendor has respectively taken competitive positions on our own, but there hasn't been a "great debate" in five years.
On Friday, I learned from Martin Hall, the Inbox conference organizer, that Microsoft surprisingly has not yet agreed to participate in this session.  I wonder why Microsoft would not have readily agreed to such a discussion?
After thinking about it over the weekend, I decided was worth a bit of blogger attention; probably better done on the InsideLotus weblog but ah, well.  Anyway, drawing inspiration from the event's location in Atlanta, and the sparring approach of the senior Senator from the great state of Georgia, I'm making the proposal public.  Thus, hereby, the Microsoft Exchange team is challenged to a duel over messaging marketplace perspectives, at the November, 2004, Inbox East conference.  Hope to see you there :)

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