Legendary science fiction hero Doctor Who is time jumping once more, set to return to British television more than a decade after he disappeared into space, the BBC said.
Just as long as they don't give the show an actual budget, it might be interesting.  If they try to "sex up" this go-round, like they did with that awful 1996 movie, I'm not interested.
As I've mentioned in other blogs, I think I spent the adolescent years of my youth caught in some strange Dr. Who addiction.  Over 100 books owned, videos of most of the shows, etc.  The books were especially interesting -- when I first started watching Dr. Who, we had to go to a special sci-fi bookstore near Northwestern University (10 miles or so from home) to find a small selection of the imported Target books.  After a bit, US publisher Lyle Stuart (a not-entirely reputable firm, also known for publishing the Anarchist's Cookbook etc.) started importing them, and then you could find Dr. Who books at that point just about anywhere (I knew the fad was out of control when I saw them in the books section at K-Mart), for $2.50 (plus 10% "Otherworlds" discount at Waldenbooks, we all were Otherworlds members, right?).
At some point, I grew up and stopped working at Waldenbooks (and stopped shopping at K-Mart, since "K-Mart sucks" [still one of the best movie lines ever]).  But every so often I yearn for the entertainiment value of the sound of a TARDIS dematerializing, or a dalek on the rampage, or a sonic screwdriver.
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