MSN Lead Product Manager Brooke Richardson:

"Recently, there's been an increase in exploits of the WebDAV protocol, which is used to enable people to access Hotmail from Outlook and Outlook Express. ...But because of the rise in abuse of this protocol, we're making a change to WebDAV to curb abuse. Over the next few months, we're transitioning WebDAV to be available only to customers of our subscription services, such as Hotmail [Plus] and MSN Premium."
Hotmail Plus: US$20/year.  That is going to stop spammers?
What I'm more interested in are these supposed WebDAV vulnerabilities.  There's been occasional interest in adding WebDAV to Lotus Domino; it's mostly my fault for hoping that the proof-of-concept DNFS utility could be evolved.
Link: WindowsITPro: Microsoft nixes Outlook, Outlook Express access to free Hotmail accounts >

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