Prompted by AtStake's firing of Dan Geer for contributing to a paper critical of Microsoft, Philip Greenspun, who doesn't quite have a resume on his pages but appears to be an MIT engineering professor, has started a quite active discussion of some of the reasons why people dislike Microsoft.  Some of the reasons are legit, some are just rants.
The comments section, up to 71 at the moment, has even more interesting rants -- and responses.  Relatively recent MS hire Robert Scoble seems to have made it his personal mission to respond to every flame, perhaps inspired by another MS newbie who seems to do that here.  Maybe it's part of new hire training -- "prove to the world you are not a sellout by taking any critcism of Microsoft personally".
Scoble seems to have gotten one part of the Microsoft mantra right -- "just you wait until our next release!"  He uses this line regarding file storage (WinFS), 64-bit computing, collaborative document editing and Outlook e-mail among others.
Almost as interesting to me are the rants that are not yet in on the discussion.  I haven't had enough caffiene yet this morning to contribute them (and I'm supposed to be repenting for my sins this week anyway).  But it seems like licensing, security/viruses, vaporware market freezing, and the other fun stuff that keeps me employed might add spice to the conversation.
[via Peter O'Kelly]

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