I guess it's time for the annual "Notes is dead" article...

The other element at play is less acknowledged but makes perfect sense. The WebSphere platform on which the Workplace components are based is primarily homegrown IBM, the pride and joy of the software group. For some time now, the company has pitched WebSphere and its J2EE underpinnings as the foundation for all of its software offerings. Couple that with the fact that a somewhat-reluctant Lotus has never evolved into a full-fledged member of the IBM family (on the surface, maybe it has, but nearly a decade after the acquisition, many Lotus partners still feel that they operate as a separate entity from the mother ship). Knowing that, it seems unlikely that the apple of Lotus' eye, Notes/Domino, will trounce WebSphere as favored platform.
This seems like a dated view -- I feel as much a part of IBM software as anyone.  At any rate, the IBM software business is a portfolio -- Notes/Domino won't "trounce" WebSphere any more than DB2 will.  Notes/Domino is part of the IBM Workplace story -- evolving to integrate with other parts of the portfolio, not replace or be replaced.
Meanwhile, in what seems an acknowledgement of Microsoft Outlook's ubiquity as a mail client, IBM earlier this year unveiled a tool that provides Domino back-end users with access to Outlook on the front end. To date, 100 customers and partners are piloting Domino Access for Microsoft Outlook, according to Lotus officials.
Actually, Domino Access for MS-Outlook first shipped in R5.0.5 - several years ago.
Anyway, I'm not going to sit here and rebut the article line by line.  The bottom line is -- Notes/Domino is a solid business that is going to be part of the Lotus, and IBM Software, story for a long time to come.  It's not on life support -- My job is a testimonial to the new investments IBM is making in that business.  Further, one need look at all the improvements in Notes/Domino 7, the plans for 7.5, 8.0 and beyond to see that Notes -- as you know it today -- will continue long into the future.
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