100 percent uptime

February 13 2006

Just finished a very good Notes/Domino briefing with a customer here in the UK.  Their messaging profile:

  • 25,000 Notes users
  • 2 iSeries servers -- 12 partitions
  • 100% uptime -- since deploying iSeries servers two years ago
A lot of the discussion revolved around where productivity is going.... is e-mail dead?  We talked about instant messaging, activites, shared repositories, and a lot of other collaboration tools.  It was interesting how consistent the experience of the IBMers here in the UK is with my own -- "voice mail is dead" said the IBMer running the meeting.  That's certainly true for me -- I get around to listening to business voicemail once a week, at best.  Sametime is where it is at.

Good meeting, and worth checking out this fascinating IBM building in Hursley.

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