From Network World:

Delivery of the Yahoo and WebEx product comes as rivals such as IBM and Microsoft are vying for a piece of the up-and-coming market. Microsoft on Oct. 21 will officially introduce its Office Live Communications Server enterprise IM product. The company introduced its Office Live Meeting Web conferencing service last month.
IBM is considered the incumbent in this space with its Lotus Instant Messaging and Conferencing, previously Lotus Sametime. IBM held about 50% of the market in terms of revenue in 2002, according to market researcher IDC.
But Yahoo and WebEx don't fear Microsoft or IBM because those companies require a user to install software, Boom said. Businesses don't want to run more costly servers, but want IM and Web conferencing as a service, delivered much like telephony, he said.
Robert Mahowald, research manager at IDC disagreed. "Even though IT shops have been diminished in the last few years and even though running real-time applications versus non-real-time applications is a whole different ball of wax, we think that CIO's long term plans are for bringing these resources in house," he said. "Other hosted messaging companies have not fared well."
I'm not really running into these guys in the market -- mainly for the reasons IDC cites.
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