I'm sure some of you are using or have tried out OpenOffice?   I haven't, but I'm intrigued by some of the new features in 1.1.  For example, they now have Acrobat PDF and Flash export formats.  This is really intriguing to me... it's one thing to have export filters to .DOC etc., since by themselves these files don't have a lot of value, but PDF and Flash are outputs from specific tools designed to create a stand-alone, usable finished goods.
The article has a good quote, one which I've been thinking about a lot, too:

The vertical position Hiser outlines follows the trend of Office 2003, which is being positioned by Microsoft as a platform for developers.
Acknowledging this trend, Hiser took a directed blow at Redmond, saying, "look for tools that make it easier for users to switch AWAY from MS Office, because if 350 million (legacy MS Office users Windows 2000 and below) users don't do it on THIS upgrade they'll definitely pay up to get out in '05 & '06 when the trap is more apparent to them."
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