A quick blog to capture some thoughts from two days at Admin/Developer UK --

  • A great job by the H&T Verlags team once again.  The conference was first-rate and I think everyone found it useful and enjoyable.
  • I learned a couple of things about the Notes 7 plug-in for the Workplace client during Bill Hume's keynote this morning.  This effort is turning out to be more seamless than I (and probably you) anticipated.  Bill showed opening the same e-mail in the "Workplace" interface as well as in the "Notes" interface embedded in the Workplace client via a plug-in.  He showed opening a Notes app and having that kick off a web page load in another plug-in.  Some very slick stuff.
  • We have some very knowledgable, very passionate, and very committed customers in this market, and I always look forward to coming here as a result.  
  • The Notes/Domino 6 upgrade rate in the room was very good -- probably 60% of attendees were done with another bunch well on their way.
  • But we need to do more work here.  There are still a number of organisations that don't "get" the current state of the Lotus strategy; are influenced by the FUD; or otherwise need to see the bigger picture.  I talked with several of my colleagues about how to address this gap.  
  • One way would be to get a UK Notes user group reconstituted.  Had a few discussions on that -- hopefully, I'll be able to align some interested partners and IBMers in putting something together.  Stay tuned.... and let me know if you agree that this would be helpful.

The Admiral's Club at London-Heathrow finally has a T-Mobile Hotspot -- didn't recognize my US sign-on (even when I followed the directions).  Ah well -- a major improvement, though my battery has been chewed straight through in a very short order.  Off to find a power plug...more blogging from 37,000 feet.

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