An interview with Kevin Cavanaugh, VP of Notes/Domino Development:

"Domino 7 will let you run 50% more users on the same hardware," says Cavanaugh. "Or, to put it another way, your current workload will require 25% less CPU capacity."
Yes -- existing hardware, more efficient.  A great investment protection statement -- you don't need to buy new hardware or operating sytems...quite the opposite.
"The work we've done around DB2, Web services, J2EE and WebSphere Portal will enable Notes developers not only to enrich their existing Domino application investments, but to reuse them over a much broader domain," says Cavanaugh.
There is some news about the Domino portfolio products, too:
Release 7 also implements consistent installation and consistent password management across the Notes/Domino collaboration portfolio.  "Consistent password management and single sign-on aren't glamorous, but they're incredibly important," says Cavanaugh. "It means that with a single sign-on users get complete access to all the collaboration capabilities they're entitled to. Plus, consistent password management and installation will contribute to simplified administration and lower administrative costs."
Along with news that Domino Document Manager will support JSR170, and Sametime will support SIP/SIMPLE for mixed communities.
"By the time we ship Notes Domino 7 it will have been up and running in production for up to nine months, at a substantial scale. Customers can count on it from day one, and our design partners are a big reason why."
Link: Lotus Notes and Domino 7 preview >

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