CIO Australia: Mail Order

October 7 2004

An extensive article detailing how implementing e-mail systems has provided a knowledge sharing and harvesting engine at several organizations.  Not surprisingly, most of the customers profiled in the article are using Lotus Notes:

"We've never used a word processor, so we've always created our content actually inside Lotus Notes databases and because of that, people in our organization just don't even differentiate between an e-mail or a document - we call it a plain page - or a fax. In fact for the first five or six years we described them all as objects, in order to prevent people concentrating on the actual form," the [ Australian Bureau of Statistics]'s Chatwin says. ... "We made it very clear to our staff right at the start, in the way we constructed our environment and introduced Lotus Notes, which was a collaborative tool. We made it very clear that we wanted people to collaborate, and we wanted them to work at that workgroup level instead. The way in which we did that was we actually renamed personal e-mail and called it 'Personal Holdings', so we actually renamed it in order to get people to think of it in a different way."
Also profiled: Minnesota Life Insurance and PRG-Schultz International, both Notes users.
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