This is the one of the first hands-on reviews I've seen of the product....

Since LCS's beta introduction, there's been concern about its networking requirements. Early reports indicated that the server-to-server exchanges were very chatty, and that bandwidth-saving features, such as being able to consolidate presence advertisements between servers, weren't implemented. Judging by Microsoft's suggestion that network managers budget 10Mbits/sec for every segment of inter-server traffic, those early assumptions may be correct. By contrast, network managers running IBM's Sametime, the market leading group conferencing and IM solution, note that inter-server communications rarely exceed 512Kbits/sec. Despite repeated requests, Microsoft was unavailable for comment.
According to Microsoft, an average LCS configuration can support up to 10,000 users with encryption enabled and compression disabled. Activating GetPresence, the feature that enables users to see the presence of others not on their buddy lists within Windows applications, reduces the total number of users by 38 percent, the biggest margin of any additional service.
It's been great having to shadow-box with specs and marketecture over the last year (not!) -- now we get to the point where "code talks"... and apparently it's pretty chatty ;)
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