Discussed an interesting scenario with a colleague today -- a potential customer for Domino who is insisting on going with a shared mail/single copy object store approach if they choose to go with Domino.
Shared mail has been a double-edged sword since first implemented in Domino.  All of us ex-cc:Mail administrators will remember nights and weekends spent babysitting chkstat/r and reclaim processes because of corruptions to the shared MLANDATA file which was used as a single instance store for mail.  Single instance store is a single point of failure, no matter how reliable your disk array is.  Thus, I find few customers implement it, preferring to trade additional reliability of the one-database-per-user approach vs. increasingly cheap disk space.
I'm not sure how/if I can get through to this customer that requiring SCOS/shared mail to work they want it to at this point in the discussion is really the right thing to do.  I've suggested that maybe the customer talk to some other Domino shops...to gain perspective on how SCOS vs. individual mail files plays out in the real world.

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