Gartner has issued a report suggesting that customers diversify their IT infrastructure away from a single vendor operating environment.

The Gartner research note does not argue that Microsoft operating systems are inherently less secure, just that absolute reliance on only Windows computers could result in a major failure. The note points out that the danger of monocultures is well accepted: A forest that only has a single species of tree could likewise be destroyed by a single virus; a greater diversity of trees means that many will survive.
I think that's a good way of looking at it.
The Gartner research note agrees that diversity comes at a cost, but it adds that companies that were hit by the SQL Slammer and MSBlast worms may need to consider diversifying as an additional defense against future attacks. Gartner points to the quickening pace at which attacks are created from newly discovered vulnerabilities, predicting that 30 percent of attacks in 2006 will occur before companies can patch their systems, up from 15 percent in 2003.
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