Then I attempted to restore the Exchange backup. In fact, for the next thirteen days, I attempted to restore the Exchange backup. I'd work all day, grab a few hours sleep, eat at my desk, and image, reinstall, update, and try again, over and over again.
I followed all the documented steps. Then I followed a whole lot of undocumented steps. I spoke to the very best Exchange experts in the world (that's one benefit of running a magazine on Outlook and Exchange) and each of them, in their own words, told me how they shared my pain. All chuckled a bit uncomfortably and wished me luck.
To a person, they all told me that Exchange is great, except when you have to restore it. Each told me that the best policy is to just hope you never have an Exchange failure.
If you listen quietly, you can hear Dante laughing.
Domino administrators, let's say it together: "shared-nothing clustering".  Ah, that feels good..
Link: Outlook Power: My thirteen days in Exchange hell >
(Via Richard Schwartz, Mike, and others -- love the comment from Danny Lawrence on Richard's blog)

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