Earlier today, I was part of the presenter lineup a seminar PSC Group conducted on Move2Lotus.  The meeting was cool in three ways --

  1. A partner putting some energy into prospecting -- PSC made a first-rate effort to find organizations potentially interested in upgrading to Notes/Domino.  This was great to see.
  2. 100% attendence -- wow!  I think it's rare to see an event like that garner 100% turnout from those registered, so kudos to the PSC team on that.
  3. That the message on why moving to Lotus made sense came as much or more from the partner than from IBM as a vendor.  The people who attended spent a fair bit of time talking with the PSC team after the conclusion of the formal agenda; I didn't really have to play a role in that.  Obviously I think the IBM story is compelling, and I think amongst the presenters (myself, colleague Craig Pessman, and John Head) we told it well, but the proof was that the attendees stuck around to talk specifics.
This was a refreshing experience, and shows how the professional approach can work well for getting the message out.  I'm always happy to work with partners who see that kind of opportunity.

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