An article covering Notes/Domino 7 design improvements (Web Services, optional DB2 backend), the Domino Application Portlet, Domino Toolkit for WebSphere Studio, and the Workplace client technology.

According to [Lotus CTO Doug] Wilson, the Notes client itself will gradually become more integrated with Workplace Client Technology, with full integration slated for Notes release 8. But he wants to make it clear this means Notes is integrating, not disappearing.
"The Notes client as we know it has a long a vibrant life ahead of it," he says. "And to protect our customers' and developers' Notes application investments, it's our goal to help them make current and future Notes applications seamlessly available through a wide variety of client experiences, including future Notes clients, Workplace Client Rich Edition and Mobile clients, Microsoft Outlook clients, POP3 clients, and custom clients written through the Notes API."
Link: New opportunities for Lotus Domino developers -- plus a new set of tools >

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