A fairly lengthy article describing the steps an Exchange admin had to go through to restore service after a system failure:

I was at my desk, preparing to wrap things up for the day, when I noticed that Outlook had timed out on its attempt to connect to the Exchange server. In the past, this occurrence itself would not have been a big concern as the core network (cabling and switches) was 10 MB and only recently upgraded to Gigabit copper.
"would not have been a big concern?" ok....
Anyway, the conclusion, after the problem was fixed (through what looks like a fairly complicated process)?
The users were fairly happy (a tough crowd) because they only lost mail during off hours. I was happy because it was a valuable lesson learned that no matter how redundant a system is, there will always be a single point of failure somewhere.
Always? Really?
Link: SearchExchange: Examining a clustered Exchange 2000 failure >
Only somewhat related, it is security patch day for the Exchange crowd again.  Microsoft published a vulnerability this morning around the SMTP process on Exchange 2003 being able to be used for remote code execution.

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