On the other hand, guess it's time for the annual "Lotus marketing sucks" article...though interestingly, the majority of the specific users cited have positive things to say.

Users believe the decline of Notes and Domino is directly tied to slick marketing on the part of Microsoft, and IBM's inability to respond in two key areas: effective marketing and its user interface. A flashier, trendier UI, users said, would help improve decision makers' opinion of Notes.
Even though the Notes and Domino community still believes its platform is far superior to Microsoft's, users are upset that IBM is seemingly content with its "also-ran" status, making them feel like second-class citizens.
Also-ran status?  See my entry from yesterday -- A list of the great press and articles on the IBM/Lotus website that highlight recent success and growth in the Notes/Domino business.
"I feel embarrassed when a user asks me why can't they sort the Sent folder by file size -- they want to delete sent e-mails with large attachments -- or why can't they launch an attachment by double clicking on it," he added. "Domino is a very powerful, robust platform, but the Notes client is not as intuitive and slick as the Outlook client is."
On the first one, sort sent by file size has been in since 6.0... might be time to plan an upgrade.  And launching an attachment in two clicks is possible in 6, too -- right click and open.  I still believe it's the right thing to make it a conscious action to have to open an attachment -- just in case.
Matt, an IT manager with a Virginia-based business process management firm, said his company is likely moving from Notes and Domino to Outlook and Exchange, but he doesn't understand management's decision, since user productivity had proven to be higher with Lotus.
"For example, the Notes group recently did a complete redesign of one of our Web sites. The time of delivery of design to live was just two weeks with one person working part time," he said. "Our corporate Web site took three people six months to redesign. The only difference? The first site was developed in Domino, and the corporate site uses Microsoft products."
He also said uptime for Notes and Domino is close to 99.9% at his company, while its Exchange server usually is down for at least two hours each week during the work day. ...Lotus called on the day the RFP was due to let me know they thought it was too difficult.
Matt, give me a call or send me e-mail.  This doesn't sit well with me at all.
Link: SearchDomino: No conspiracy: Microsoft, IBM to blame for Domino's decline >

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