Congratulations, Stan:

an innocuous posting in each of the developerWorks Notes and Domino fora by Ben Dubuc announcing that there were a couple of dev positions available in Montréal. That was one too many coincidences for me to ignore. I enquired, and was more than satisfied with the enthusiasm in the shop. For my favourite platform, I mean.... I hope that the expectations aren't too high, 'cause I'm taking that job. And the laws and prices in Québec are such that I will be in a proper dwelling this go-round.
I tendered my resignation from CGI Group Inc. a few minutes ago, and I'm off to Montréal and Computer Horizons for November 8.
Feels good to see that the LDD community has helped Stan set off on a new adventure.  I hope to visit you in Montreal sometime -- for whatever reason, I haven't done that yet in my adult travels.

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