No online medium is safe from advertising anymore.
In recent weeks, more companies have started bringing advertising to RSS feeds, the popular platforms for aggregating content from multiple sites in a single place. In the past, RSS feeds have typically been free of ads.
Well, looks like it only took four months for my earlier prediction to play out.  
This article and others say, well, if you don't like it, you can opt out of the feeds, so it's not as bad as spam or popups.  Yeah, that's now.  And besides, am I really likely to unsubscribe from feeds for news-y sites I rely on to do my job?  Probably not.  At least with web pages there are tools like turning off images and using popup blockers; with e-newsletters your eyes can usually move right past an ad if you so choose.  In most of the early days RSS-based advertising, the ads are coming in as separate new posts/articles -- and as such, you have to take a more active role in deciding what to read vs. what not to read.
The Wired article says that "So far, forays into RSS advertising have not been flashy."  Anyone want to lay a bet on how long that will last?
I hope the RSS-reading tools evolve to keep pace -- provide tools for filtering content.  Because the binary "turn the feed off" isn't going to be useful much longer.
Link: WiredNews: RSS feeds hunger for more ads >

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