Quoting the Inquirer twice in one week is probably dangerous, especially with this nugget:

WE WERE IN SUCH a rush to file the story about IBM saying Linux was unstoppable that we missed out a piece of Deborah Magid's dialogue.
Not only is Linux unstoppable, but IBM has abandoned using Lotus Notes inside the organisation because it's far too fat, said Deborah.
Deborah Magid is in IBM Software Group's strategy organization, and holds the title of Director of Strategic Alliances.
I suspect that this is just a partial quote about some of the applications which IBM has migrated from Lotus Notes to being web applications on the Intranet, many of them simply moving from NRPC to HTTP but still back-ended by Domino.  But Notes is absolutely still used by 300,000+ IBMers, and with the rate of which I'm adding teamrooms, project databases, etc. to my bookmarks, I can't imagine what basis the quote actually has in reality.  I'll provide an update Monday....
Sunday update:
Through deductive reasoning, it appears that this article is based on a direct quote from Deborah Magid that was run in a separate Inquirier story.  The other story makes it pretty clear that the quote is about the move of applications from the Notes client to web apps on the Intranet portal, rather than abandoning Notes in some way.  In fact, this could be a good news story -- around how apps that were written years ago continue to be useful with little or no modification or updating.  Still, the headline of the Saturday article is sufficiently attention-getting ... look for more soon.
Update 1/9/2004 -- Welcome slashdot readers.  There is another blog entry that is more useful to you in finding the answer to whether IBM has dropped Notes inside, and that's my entry here: http://www.edbrill.com/ebrill/edbrill.nsf/dx/10212003013552PMEBRNLZ.htm  It contains the full text of Deborah Magid's denial.

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