Ferris Research has just published a research paper assessing Microsoft's Windows SharePoint Services (with a healthy dose of SharePoint Portal Server 2003 included as well).  I don't usually link to analyst reports on the blog, especially ones that are subscriber-only access.  This one, though, is a bit too good to pass up, because it's the first report I've seen that cuts past the hype and describes real-world usage scenarios.
Here are some of Ferris's recommendations:

Recommendations for Users:
- Do not embrace WSS unless you are willing to be 100% Microsoft
- Don't think that WSS is free, even if that is Microsoft's spin on it.
- Put other collaborative workspace products higher on the evaluation list.
- Implement for small LAN-based groups.
- Consider Web parts available from others.
Hopefully you'll see more about this report in the future.

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