A new article on developerWorks Lotus discusses the capabilities and benefits of running Lotus Domino on zLinux and using virtualization.

This article documents the benchmarks that have been done and the results of early adopters of this solution, showing you how your infrastructure can fit and grow with Lotus Domino. ... We discuss recent benchmark results and a real-life production example that demonstrates large Lotus Domino scalability in a virtualized Linux environment. We show the results of a recent benchmark where we were able to achieve 102 K Lotus Domino NRPC mail benchmark users in one Linux kernel running under VM.
We have moved all Domino application servers at IBM to zLinux and are in the process of moving mail servers as well.  Very nice TCO story.  The article is detailed and shows all the data gathered during benchmarking as well as some real-world production examples.

Link: ibm.com developerWorks: IBM Lotus Domino, Linux, virtualization, scalability: No longer mutually exclusive terms >

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