I was recently asked this question, and didn't know the answer myself.  Here's a list my colleague Christopher Crummey sent along:

Listed in order of difficultly:
1.        Out of the Box Portlets
2.        Soon to have the Common PIM portlet (Exchange, Notes, LWP, IMAP, POP)
3.        Web based Domino applications via our Domino Application portlet.
4.        Launch the Notes client for "Notes" only applications via Out of the Box portlets
5.        Use Domino Portlet Builder & Bowstreet to create a light weight web based Domino portlet
6.        Use RSS Portlet to show Domino data via XML
7.        Use of Domino JSP Tag lib to create a portlet via WSAD
8.        Use of Domino Java API to create a portlet via WSAD

For those unfamiliar (or those wanting some incredibly excellent detailed information), there is a draft Redbook on the Domino Application Portlet available.

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