This sounds like exactly what the doctor ordered, but there are some serious limitations in recalling messages. For one thing, you can only recall messages that were sent to Exchange recipients. Messages sent to SMTP mailboxes can't be recalled because they do not exist in the Exchange Information Store. Second, you can't recall a message that has already been read. Third, and this is the biggie, the recalled message is not actually removed from the user's inbox. Instead, a second message is sent to the recipient with the word RECALL appended to the subject line. If the recipient opens the recall message, then the offending message will be deleted and a confirmation will be sent to the person who performed the recall. On the other hand, if the recipient opens the original message rather than the recall message, they will see the actual message that was sent by mistake.
That's it?  That's Exchange's often-hyped unsend feature?  I'd call it useless.  That will be the last time I take seriously the question of how Domino Access for MS-Outlook handles this.
Link: SearchExchange: Take it back! Recalling an e-mail message >

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