I was looking at some of the recent googles that hit my blog, and one was a funny look in the rear-view mirror...

IBM's Taligent, Inc. subsidiary next week will begin shipping client software that makes it easier for Lotus Notes and Domino users to collaborate on projects. Taligent's Places for Project Teams is a stand-alone client designed to provide Lotus Development Corp. Notes and Domino users with a virtual workspace for sharing discussion databases, documents and progress-tracking Charts. While providing a variety of ways to view Notes and Domino databases, the software allows team members to see who is working on a project at any time and communicate with them via E-mail or an instant message.
Rather than replacing the Notes client, Taligent envisions the product appealing to managers of small to midsize project teams whose members do not need or are not trained on the fuller features of Notes. One industry analyst said the new software - introduced in January at Lotus' customer Conference - will find a niche among Notes customers.``Notes, up until very recently, has not had the prettiest or the most easy to understand user interface,'' according to Heather Ashton, an analyst at Hurwitz Group, inc. in Newton, Mass. ``[Places] fits very nicely on top of Notes and hides that [Notes look] from the user who doesn't want to see it or doesn't understand it.''
Taligent officials acknowledged the need for Web support, and said the next version of Places will be Java-integrated and Web-enabled, and will possibly offer links to Lotus' Kona suite of productivity applets. but IBM-owned Taligent emphasized that Places is not intended to entirely replace Notes clients. "Some people will use it side by side with Notes," said Deborah Magid, Taligent manager of human interface design.
From Network World: Taligent takes Notes, Domino to new 'places'  (June 4, 1997) (found in the archives here)

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